On the Edge of Infinity: Encounters with the Beauty of the Universe

A fascinating, eye-opening reconsideration of the marvels of space, time, physics, and more

How to Love the Universe is a new kind of science writing by an author truly enamored of the world around him. In ten short chapters of lyrical prose—each one an ode to an awe-inspiring realm of the universe—Stefan Klein uses everyday objects as a springboard to meditate on the beauty of the underlying science.

Klein sees in a single rose the magical interdependence of all life; a greying beard leads him to ponder the irreversibility of time; a marble conjures the birth of the cosmos. As he contemplates the deepest mysteries—the nature of reality, dark matter, humanity’s place among the galaxies, and more—Klein encourages us to fall in love with the universe the way scientists do: with a grasp of the key concepts that bring to life the wonders of, really, everything.

US Title: How to Love the Universe